Plastic Moving Crate and Skate Rental Hire

Plastic Moving Crate and Skate Rental Hire for Efficient Packing and Moving

With recent development in the delivery of relocation, Movin’ Office has adapted to the market changes. Prior to the relocation of packed items when you are moving office, we have implemented the use of plastic moving crates and skates rental hire with security seals.

Moreover, Movin’ Office has combined the latest environmental management in an effort to improve the office relocation process. And also assist our clients where possible reduce the carbon footprint of their relocation by using our plastic moving crate and skate relocation solution.

Moreover, our plastic moving crate and skate rental hire solution will provide an efficient highly secure modern approach to relocating commercial work areas.

Using a plastic crate and skate will ensure that an extra element of protection is provided when packing items of a secure nature. In fact, Plastic Moving Crate and Skate Rental Hire solution is fast and easy to pack or unpack. Not only that but also no set up is required, simply fill the crate and fold the lid over. The messy tape is not required also. Our security plastic moving crates are all sequentially numbered and can be sealed at both ends on the top with a numbered “Grip Lock” seal. Crate number and the seal number will be recorded on a security crate registry as well as the content. Chemicals or liquids which are packed in the laboratories can be easily contained due to the materials of the crates. Furthermore, Crates are made of non pour materials and non-penetrable biodegradable material.

Some Benefits of the Plastic Moving Crate and Skate Rental Hire:

  • No tape required
  • Sealable and numerically numbered
  • Tamper-proof
  • Quick and easy to pack and unpack
  • Have their own Skate in stacks of 3
  • Minimise damage to buildings and contents
  • Sturdy, robust and non crushable
  • Smooth rounded corners
  • Dimensions (LWH) 610 x 490 x 310 mm
  • Stackable
  • Leak Proof of chemicals and liquids
Plastic Crates
Skate and Crate
Crate and skate

68L Security Crate

Plastic Moving Crate and Skate Rental Hire Features Including:

  • Made in Australia to Australian standards and also designed to withstand the conditions of the Australian climate.
  • Robust, environmentally friendly, washable, recyclable as well as easy to use.
  • Rest into each other for ease of storage.
  • Lockable as well as secure
  • Standard crates comes with a Black Base and a High Visibility Lid
  • 2 Sets of carrying handles
  • Internal hanging rails
  • An attached lid
  • Internal hanging rails for files
  • Is easily lockable with a security seal if required
  • Nests when empty
  • Material:  Polypropylene Impact Co Polymer Ultra Violet Retardant & Biodegradable additive
  •  Weight:  4KG
  •  Dimensions:  630mm x 450mm x 315
  •  Colours:  Black with Black lid or Black with Red lid

Make this plastic moving crate and skate rental hire suitable to a variety of office moving services. Including fast quick packing and unpacking, archiving, security and transportation.

For more information on Crate and Skate Rental contact us or phone: 1300 92 94 40

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